Become a Bellingham Tenants Union member

The Bellingham Tenants Union is a democratic membership organization. Members of the Bellingham Tenants Union are the Bellingham Tenants Union. We make all the crucial decisions about how our union works and what it does.

> I'm interested.

That's exciting!

> Tell me more. So what are the requirements to be a member? Is being a member a big time commitment?

Good question. We know many people, especially renters, are busy. That's why we made BTU an open organization that accommodates member involvement at a variety of levels.

To be a member, it's pretty simple and doesn't take much.

We have three requirements.

1 - Be a tenant or prospective tenant.

2 - Honor our Code of Conduct, which means we respect each other and don't harass each other.

and 3 - Attend our Annual Membership Meeting in October.

> What happens there?

It's our most important meeting of the year, where we elect our union leadership and vote on our priorities and platform for the year.

For the union to be democratic, member-driven, and successful, we want all members there.

> What if I can't make it?

That's okay! If you can't make the meeting for a legitimate reason, like a work schedule conflict, family emergency or illness, just contact the BTU Secretary and make plans to attend another general membership meeting.

> Makes sense. Do I have to pay anything?

Nope. We have optional member dues - we didn't want finances to be a barrier for anyone who wants to join.

Member dues are important though - they keep the union going, like paying for this website, our printing costs, and for campaign materials.

Dues also keep our union independent and member-driven. We are not reliant on money from big donors, foundations, or government agencies – so we are not beholden to them.

You choose your own dues based on your ability to pay (including if you cannot pay at all).

> Okay. Anything else I should know?

Yep. We, of course, would welcome you being more involved!

The union is the sum of our members' contributions. The more involved our members are, the stronger the union is, and the more we can achieve: more wins, faster, bolder, and better.

But to repeat what we said earlier, we appreciate all members - at all levels of involvement.

By coming together to build our political power, we can end skyrocketing rents, expand tenant protections, and increase the availability of homes that people can afford.

> Okay, you've convinced me! Where do I sign up to join?

Great! Right here.


  • Take action for housing justice

  • Decide BTU priorities and platform

  • Elect and hold accountable leadership

  • Ultimate decision makers

Being a Member is simple. 

  • Be a tenant or prospective tenant
  • Attend the Annual Membership Meeting
  • Honor the BTU Code of Conduct

Homeowner allies, become a Supporter

Your support will help build a better Bellingham for tenants and non-tenants alike, where everyone has a safe, healthy, and affordable home.

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Your contribution will help us grow the movement for housing justice and win the changes our community needs.