Initiative 1631

Ballot Measure - Statewide
BTU Questionnaire
Responses from andrew eckels, 1631 Nw organizer


What is I-1631?

1631 would clean our air, put a fee on the largest polluters in our state, and invest in clean energy. It was written by an unprecedented coalition of environmental groups, low income and community of color led organizations, labor unions, tribes, and health professionals, and is opposed by millions of dollars from the industry. It is a practical first step to clean up pollution and initiate a just transition to clean energy.

How would I-1631 benefit tenants?

1631 was written with the understanding that communities of color and lower income communities bear the brunt of pollution often living closest to the pollutants that cause serious health problems, and that those communities need to see the most benefits of cleaning up pollution. Most folks in these communities are tenants rather than homeowners. At least 35% of all investments made must directly benefit the communities most impacted by pollution by creating local jobs and cleaning our air and water.

Where can I learn more?

We have more information on our website at https://yeson1631.org/.



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