Stewards are essential for our union's function and success. They are the backbone of our union and our 'first line of defense'. 

Our union’s strength lies in the relationships between our members, which give us our ability to organize.

Every BTU member is supported by a Union Steward, ensuring every member has a relationship with at least one other member.

While not always an easy job, the role of a steward can be deeply rewarding—and something to be proud of.

All Stewards are required to attend a Steward Training, where all of this will be further explained and practiced.

You do not have to have any previous organizing experience or tenant rights knowledge. We want to set you up for success!

Steward Responsibilities:

Welcome New Members

  • Build relationships with new members. When a tenant joins the union, a Steward will be connected with them. This member is now supported by a Steward, i.e. ‘under their stewardship’.*
  • Educate your members on what BTU does, how it works, and our goals as a union.
  • Guide and support your members into a meaningful path within BTU. Conduct one-on-one meetings and assess the skills and passions of your members to help them find a place in BTU.
  • Continue to build the relationship with your members into the future. Check back with them at least twice a year.

Support Members & Solve Problems

  • Serve as your members’ “go-to” BTU person.
  • Listen for any issues, complaints, and tenant rights violations.
  • Solve member problems if you can. If you can’t, pass on information to union leadership to solve the problem.

Organize for Action

- Mobilize your members to take action when there’s an critical action alert. Calling and texting are most effective ways to get the word out.

Attend the Annual Steward Assembly

- This assembly is held for Stewards to talk with each other, check-in with Organizers and Elected Leadership, share feedback, and learn new organizing skills.