Contribute to our movement - we're fighting for a Bellingham that has room for everyone. 

The housing crisis affects all of us - homeowners and tenants alike. When people in our community are struggling, we all feel it. BTU is fighting for a world where everyone has a safe, healthy, and affordable home.

Supporter dues are a monthly contribution to the union to sustain us.  They are a recurring contribution will be automatically charged to your payment method. 

Dues-paying Members and Supporters are critical to keeping our union independent. We are not reliant on money from big donors, corporations, foundations, or government agencies – so we are not beholden to them.

You choose your own dues based on your ability to pay (including if you cannot pay at all).

Our Member and Supporter dues pay for our website, printing costs, union 501c4 fees, and other materials needed for campaigns. Dues also build our political power: if we vote to endorse pro-tenant, pro-housing candidates, we can donate as a union to help elect them.