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Our union's strength depends on the involvement of our members. 

We have a wide range of opportunities to get involved that can best match your skills and interests. Whether it's door knocking, data entry, or making food for community events - it's all critical to our union's success and function!  

Fill out the form below to tell us more about yourself and roles/work groups you might be interested in joining. Our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch and help you plug in.


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There are two main ways to get involved with BTU: 

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Union Role Descriptions

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Steward - Organizer - Elected Leadership

Work Group Descriptions

Work Groups are how BTU organizes itself into areas of interest and function. Work Groups meet as frequently/infrequently as the members of the group choose.


Communications & Art - works to support BTU with press, design, art, social media, messaging, and content.‎

Law, Policy & Research - researches, develops, and innovates housing policy based on the needs of our members and community.

Equity - leads BTU’s inclusion efforts to make sure BTU is a welcoming and accessible space, and to dismantle white supremacy, patriarchy, and other oppressive relations within BTU.

Community Solidarity & Coalition Building - helps BTU connect to the broader community, build relationships with other community groups, and serve our community through service and volunteering events.

Outreach & Direct Tenant Organizing - grows the union and builds long-lasting power through direct outreach to tenants, including door knocking and tabling.

Steward & Membership - helps build community and foster relationships within the Union, plans member services such as organizing and tenant rights trainings, and supports our Union Stewards.

Are we missing a work group? You can create one! Contact us.