BTU Endorsements are underway! 

Our endorsements are determined by our membership.

Every member will receive a ballot by email and voting will be open Sunday Sept 2nd — Sunday, Sept 9th 3:30 PM. 

btu endorsement social

Join us on Sunday, Sept 9th, 2-4 PM at Cornwall Park. RSVP. You can...

  • Meet the candidates!
  • Ask them questions
  • Discuss with BTU members
  • Submit your ballot!
  • Eat delicious food 

BTU Endorsements are underway!

Ballots mailed via email or available at Endorsement Social

Voting open Sunday Sept 2nd — Sunday Sept 9th 3:30 PM




Justin Boneau


Sharon Shewmake


B'Ham Home Fund


Initiative 1631

Dear BTU members,

Two candidates running for state office, Justin Boneau and Sharon Shewmake, have requested BTU's endorsement. We are also considering endorsing two ballot measures, the Bellingham Home Fund (local) and Initiative 1631 (statewide). 

Both candidates have identified affordable housing as a priority. Justin is also a renter and a BTU member — if elected, we will actually have a BTU member in the legislature! We will decide endorsements by a vote of the membership. 


Sun, Sept 2nd - Sun, Sept 9th

  • You will have one week to vote. 
  • Ballots sent out – Sunday, September 2nd. You will get your ballot by email on along with Justin and Sharon's questionnaires and more information on the initiatives. 
  • BTU Endorsement Social – Sunday, September 9th, 2:00 - 4:00 PM. You can vote during the week online or you can vote in-person at our social. We hope to see you there!!! RSVP on Facebook and invite friends!
  • Voting closes – Sunday, September 9th, 3:30 PM. Voting, both in-person and online, will close near the end of the Endorsement Social and the results will be announced then.
  • The real work begins - getting out the vote for the Nov 6th Election!

This is pretty exciting! We need housing champions in Olympia and initiatives that will improve life for renters. Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts on the endorsement process. (And hopefully see you at the Social on the 9th!).


We are hosting a BTU Endorsement Social on Sunday, September 9th, 2:00-4:00 PM at Cornwall Park (map). RSVP

Come meet the candidates, ask them questions (the tougher the better), submit your endorsement ballot, and enjoy some delicious food with your fellow union members! Non-members are welcome to join us - they just can't vote in the endorsements. 



We just sent Justin and Sharon a rigorous questionnaire (responses linked above) to see if their values align with ours. We'll find out where they stand on key issues like rent control, eviction protections, and investments in affordable housing. We will include their responses in the ballot next week. Briefly:

  • Justin Boneau is running for State Representative Pos. 1 in the 42nd Legislative District. Also worth noting, Justin is a renter and BTU member! Website.
  • Sharon Shewmake is running for State Representative Pos. 2 in the 42nd Legislative District. Website

The Organizing Committee has also decided to consider endorsements for two important initiatives that affect renters and housing. 

  • Bellingham Home Fund (local): an affordable housing initiative that would build affordable homes and provide emergency rent assistance. Website
  • Initiative 1631 (statewide): a clean energy, clean air initiative that puts a fee on pollution and would include investments in energy efficiency for homes to lower utility bills. Website.

In solidarity,

April, Conner, Renata, Rob, Sherry Lynn, Tara, Galen, Mario, Felixia, Marnell, Lovestruck, Hill, Chris, Ed, and Sage

Your BTU Organizing Committee