These candidates and initiatives will fight for
affordable housing and tenant protections.

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Our membership voted to overwhelmingly endorse:


Justin Boneau

State Rep Pos 1 42ND LD


Sharon Shewmake

State Rep Pos 2 42ND LD


B'Ham Home Fund

build affordable homes


Initiative 1631

Clean air, clean energy

We need housing champions in Olympia who will fight for affordable housing and tenant protections.

Justin Boneau is a working father, renter, and BTU member. He told us, “I've watched my rent rise 3 times in the last 2 years while my wages have stayed the same. I want to go to Olympia to work for the working class by fighting for affordable housing, universal healthcare, and comprehensive education.” Justin isn’t afraid to stand up to the landlord lobbyists. Vote for Justin.  

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Sharon Shewmake is is a mother and an educator. She told us, “When we have segregated housing it means the ‘best’ schools are only reserved for the wealthy. All our children deserve a top-notch education. It’s one of the best investments we can make.” Sharon will stand up for renters and our kids. Vote for Sharon.  

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We need to build more affordable homes and protect our environment.

Bellingham Home Fund, Prop 2018-5, is an affordable housing initiative that would build over 580 affordable homes for our community and provide emergency rent assistance to prevent evictions.

Bellingham voters overwhelmingly approved the Bellingham Home Fund in 2012 and it has a track record of success. It’s built and preserved 500 affordable homes, with 200 more underway. This modest property levy has an excellent return - for every dollar we put in locally, it brings in $8 in state and federal matching funds. This is a strong investment in our community. Vote YES.

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Initiative 1631 is a clean energy, clean air initiative that puts a fee on pollution and invests in programs including weatherization and energy efficiency support to lower utility bills.

Climate change is a threat to our city, state, and planet. We support a transition to a clean energy economy. Vote YES.

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